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1172 Pendleton St
Greenville, SC, 29611
United States



I'm a visual artist residing in the lovely city of Greenville, South Carolina. My studio is located in the Village of West Greenville, in a renovated 1935 Gulf Gas service station. I'm lucky to be married to my best friend and mother of three fabulously fantastic kids, who all fill my life with light and love!

Creativity runs through my veins. My mother is a maker of beautiful quilts, which adorn almost every room in my home. Throughout my childhood, I loved helping her with pairing colors and choosing materials for patterns. She always gave the quilts away, gifts of her love and creativity - and her generous spirit. While in high school, I had two amazing art teachers.  My most influential instructor was a fantastic artist herself. She saw potential and talent in me; she encouraged and motivated me, gave me direction - gifts that l carry close to my heart.  I attended the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts for Visual Art, and studied Fine Art at Anderson College and the University of South Carolina.

Painting and printmaking are my primary mediums of artistic expression. My subject matter flows from my admiration of the natural world to the beauty and power of the human form, and its relationship with nature. I find myself enamored by tiny patterns or burst of color in nature, in little discoveries in the earth, the bark, or insects. I love bringing to life these often overlooked treasures. The beauty we can not only create, but find in the world around us, is my greatest source of inspiration. 

I have always found a keen pleasure in creating prints; in moving from paper to linoleum, from carving to printing, loving every step of creating art. I do everything without the use of a press - finding joy in the labor and unique results of hand-pulled prints. My current body of work combines a variety of beetles, moths and bees with landscapes - scenes appearing within the shells and wings of the insects. While at times I stay in the traditional world of printmaking, creating a run of prints on a variety of paper, I have fallen in love with printing on wood. I will cut and sand pieces of repurposed pine and cedar, ink the linoleum, then hand press the image onto the wood. My prints on wood can be easily displayed - alone, stacked together as a collection or hung without needing to be framed.