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Immortal Cicada


Immortal Cicada


Immortal Cicada


Immortal Cicada -  Linocut on Unryu
Print Size: 10" x 20"
Paper Size: about 14" x 24"

The cicada is an ancient polyvalent symbol: resounding themes are resurrection, immortality, and spiritual realization. To me, the Cicada is the sound of summer, his song echoing through the southern summer heat. 

Hand-pulled, linoleum print on Unryu. Limited print series. I did not use a press with this print series, so each print is alive with craftsmanship and the unique subtle differences that comes with hand pulling a print. Rustic, hand pressed quality makes each print unique, with a vintage feel. 

This paper is magnificent. It is tough, yet just translucent enough to allow light to filter through, making it THE perfect paper for a glass on glass floating frame. I hand tear each piece, allowing a live-edge to highlight the fibrous quality of the Unryu. 

Because I tear the paper by hand and hand pull each print, subtle differences will occur, making each piece unique and vibrant with handcrafted quality. 

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