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May 20 Children's Printmaking Class

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May 20 Children's Printmaking Class

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May 20 Children's Printmaking Class


May 20 Children's Printmaking Class / 2 - 4pm

Young artists develop new skills and talents by designing unique creations while learning the techniques of Relief Printmaking! We will learn the tools, techniques and printmaking process. Every child will create their own series of prints they will get to take home - decorate, give as gifts, these creations are perfect memory makers!

Older children will have the use of linoleum carving tools after instruction of tool handling safety. Younger students will begin instruction using materials and tools to achieve prints without the use of sharp tools.

Classes are small, limited to 5 students to ensure quality instruction, and will include all materials and be held in my Village of West Greenville art studio, 547 Perry Ave, Greenville, SC 29611

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